Veeda Clinical Research, Mehsana

This project was for their Mehsana-based bioanalytical laboratory and research facility. Here we worked on a space of 36,600 sq. ft. carpet area to provide them with an improved, service oriented-design. The space was inside a four-storied complex called Radhe Palladium, on Mehsana Highway.

The first floor had the reception at the entrance, which led to the volunteer locker rooms, bed facilities and the dining area. The floor also had a registration space, a few offices and basic testing facilities. The second and third floor were dedicated to have the bed facilities for the volunteers.

We began by meticulously studying the space to understand the requirements and movements of the staff and volunteers. This helped us create a service-oriented design which doesn’t look monotonous like most conventional hospital spaces but rather focuses on a playful medley of various spaces. We also picked colour tones which gave it an air of subtle grandeur.


  • The team had to carefully and comprehensively understand the process of the institute and the movements of the staff and volunteers. It was important to ensure a smoothness in the functioning of the facility.
  • The scale of work was huge in comparison to the short time frame we were given to complete this project.
  • One of the biggest concerns was safety, as the volunteers were to be admitted with extreme care, ensuring they do not bring any foreign material or come in contact with anyone from outside.


  • We started off with visits to the other facilities of Veeda in other places to study their workings, the process and movements inside the facilities. We took note of the various challenges at their existing facilities and how they can be improved upon in this facility in Mehsana. It helped us provide them designs which ensured smoother functioning and movements, while elevating the entire ambience of the space.
  • We made additions to the local manpower in order to finish the project within the given timeframe. The strong team consisted of project managers, structural engineers, designers, electrical consultants, carpenters and civil workers who put in extra hours to ensure we met the deadline.
  • To ensure that the safety of the space was intact, we designed each area with great care. The connectivity and circulation between zones were planned in a manner which made monitoring of volunteers’ movements easier.
  • Further, we chose the materials keeping in mind the wear and tear that the space will go through. The colour palette, detailing of the furniture, wall dados and ceilings were chosen with the idea of giving the space a feeling of subtle grandeur.
  • The lighting was also an important element here. Various spaces required various luminosity, which was worked upon in depth. The Air conditioning was an important part, as most of the facility had to depend on HVAC rather than natural ventilation to maintain certain fixed temperatures in each zone. The ceiling was designed carefully, to accommodate lighting and HVAC units in a way to utilize minimum space, as a certain minimum height was essential in certain spaces.
  • Lighting was an important element, with varying levels of luminosity required in different spaces, something which we worked upon in depth. Another important aspect was the air conditioning and the facility depended on HVAC instead of natural ventilation to maintain fixed temperatures in each zone. Specific minimum heights were essential for certain spaces, for which we carefully designed the ceiling accommodating the HVAC units and the lighting with minimum utilization of space.

In the end, the facility turned out to be one with a very welcoming vibe to it, and completely function derived, offering smooth movement space to the staff and the volunteers, hence making it more efficient.

Veeda Clinical Research, Mehsana
Veeda Clinical Research
Area worked upon
36,600 sq.ft.
Unit Type
Research Institute
Project year
Purvi M. Patel

Straight from the Client

I had the opportunity to work with Ekta for doing up our 40k sq ft office/lab and found her to be very organized and professional in her work. She has very good ideas and she also took the ideas from my team and executed them within budget and in time. I would recommend her for sure.
Mr. Apurva Shah, Founder and Director at The Veeda Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd.