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Synvestment Office Interiors

Synvestment is an Ahmedabad-based financial consultant and investment planners, who offer customized financial solutions to individuals who wish to start saving, with products like mutual funds, equities, insurance and fixed income products.

This project was all about bringing to life the client’s vision of a workspace that was formal yet exuded an enthusiastic vibe. We worked on 320 sq. ft. carpet area space, creating a cabin for the client, workstations for her employees and a waiting area for visitors.

Below are the challenges we came across while working and how we faced to provide the client a final product which she is proud of today.


  • The client wanted a spacious cabin for herself, a dedicated workspace for her team of two and lounge for the visitors to wait comfortably. A space for the main executive table was to be made too.
  • The brief was to create a space that was a beautiful confluence of a formal office where she can meet her prestigious clients and that of an exciting workplace where her team enjoys working.
  • Two television units were to come up in this space, one which faced the executive table, while the other towards the workspace.
  • Privacy was an important factor to be implemented in the space, as the client wanted visual privacy at most times.


  • This open plan office was planned with customized detailing to distinguish between the different spaces, making it look spacious, yet maintaining privacy. A wooden louvered partition was used to let the client have her visual privacy as and when she needed it.
  • The idea was to create a space that was visually pleasing and cozy, for which we used Burmese teak wood and white on walls.
  • We created a special wooden frame, giving an artistic feel to it, to house two television sets and the certificates.
  • To break the monotony of materials and the colours, we chose to create a stone cladding wall, which showcased the signage, softly lit with Edison bulbs. It was also used to divide the space between the client’s cabin and the team workspace.
  • To showcase finesse, we gave the office wooden flooring and added customized furniture to the space.
  • What brings this space to life are some of the smaller elements, like the movable glass writing board, the smartly placed TV units, the artistic frame housing the certificates and some beautiful artefacts placed tastefully on the bookshelf.

We converted what was a small empty space into an enthusiastic workspace and a professional office space, which is unlikely for the offices of investment planners. It was possible thanks to the client’s vision which was aligned to ours, of bringing the best of both worlds together.

Synvestment, C.G. road, Ahmedabad
Mrs. Helly Gadhecha
Area worked upon
320 sq.ft. carpet area
Unit Type
Dhrumil Desai, Prerak Desai, Purvi Patel
Project year

Straight from the Client

EVK architects aren’t just designing a space for you, they add a feeling to it. Unlike ordinary interior designers or architects, EVK focuses on the client’s likes and expectations from the space and give it a personalized touch. They use the latest design styles and ensure that their clients are provided the best in their chosen budget. Our experience of working with them has been highly satisfactory and I have already decided to use their services for our upcoming projects too.
Mrs. Helly Gadhecha, Proprietor at Synvestment