Sports Recreation Centre

Sprint Recreation

Sprint Recreation is everything a sports lover in Ahmedabad could ask for. A one of its kind sports club with 18 sporting disciplines available to practice and play, to cater to all major sports facilities and students, all at one place.

Spread on a 4.9-acre space adjacent to the Sardar Patel (SP) Ring Road, it was located strategically to ensure easy commute and connectivity from all over the city. The space has a Cricket ground with practice pitches, a Football ground, an Athletics track, Long and High jump pits, a Swimming pool, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Throwball courts, a Yoga center, and indoor space for Chess, Carom, Aerobics, and a Gymnasium.

The remaining spaces consisted of an entry admin block, banquet hall and an open ground with a sports café adjacent to it.


  • The main challenge was to work on the planning of the site. We had to design it keeping in mind the movement, slope of the overall site, existing vegetation, and the sports management.
  • We had to give the centre a look of a modern sporting club which can see exciting sporting action take place during both day and night.
  • The other challenge was the club’s program in itself. Since its was exclusively for sports, the design and materials had to be such that it would be maintenance-free, could take on long-term wear and tear, and was economical at the same time as it was a large space to build.


  • Post many discussions and layout variations, we came up with a multi-phase plan, designed in a manner that phase would look complete in its time, and continuing with execution activities for the next phase would not stop the recreation centre from functioning.
  • The combination of hard and soft spaces was carefully designed, to control the movements right from the entrance. The central pathway was our core, as it led to the various sports activities and hence it was in charge of giving the sports centre the look and feel that it required. We used locally sourced river-washed Kota stone material for majority of the areas, in a combination of Pebble Crete plaster, giving it an earthy and sporty look. These materials are timeless and never get dirty, even with large footfalls.
  • We further showcased green walls on both sides of the pathways with an interplay of various sporting figurines made with cut metal plates for an energetic vibe for players while walking down the path.
  • We built temporary structures for the admin, entry and equipment storage blocks, with exposed brick walls and an MS Frame Roof system. We created a beautiful pattern on them with interplay of plastered and exposed brick walls.
  • For the sports café, we designed cutouts in the walls so that people inside can view the ongoing football matches while sipping on their beverage.
  • The lighting was designed and planned to ensure that it gave ample light not only indoors, but outdoors too for sporting activities like cricket or football. The well-lit vast outdoor space was picture perfect along with the café lit in warm evening lights, giving it a breezy, earthy ambience.
Sprint Recreation Centre, Ahmedabad
Mr. Vikas Agarwal, Mr. Nikhit Fernandes, Mr. Shashwat Kapadia
Project Year
Unit Type
Sports recreation centre
Area worked upon
4,21,290 sq.ft. | 46,810 sq.yd.
Phase 1
30,660 sq.ft
Phase 2
85,000 sq.ft.
Phase 3
1,59,630 sq.ft.
Phase 4
86,000 sq.ft.
Phase 5
60,000 sq.ft.

Straight from the Client

After completing 2 projects with Ekta, which include one residential and one commercial, I can only say that Ekta is the only person I have met who always considers your pocket, nature as well as state of art concepts. I am currently working with Ekta on the 3rd project and the status of that project is simply awesome. I wish Ekta all the best for the future and I am sure nothing can stop her from achieving wonders.
Vikas Agarwal, Partner at Sprint recreation & Director at Supreme Transport Services Pvt. Ltd.