Zodiac Aarish, Residence

Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, Zodiac Aarish by Zodiac Developers is a residential project surrounded by lush greenery and exquisite landscaping. We at EVK got to design an urban living space in an unfurnished 3-BHK apartment for Mr. Birju Thakkar.

We created a meticulously designed space that is luminous and airy. The idea was to preserve the sequence between public and private spaces without disturbing the free-flowing movement between the spaces. We ensured that each space was differentiated from the other with a slow transition of colours while preserving the continuity of the spaces. Every room had a varied experience with judicious use of materials and elements.

The dining room in the core centre connected with the different spaces of the house, designed in a manner that also had a great view of the dramatic green wall in the balcony and the lush lawns beyond. Additionally, a pooja room was created strategically between the living and dining spaces so that it remained in the central space without disturbing the surroundings. To add extravagance to space along with the amazing balcony-view, we added a PU-finished cabinet with a beautiful collection of vases in varying sizes in the dining area.

The room for children was given a generous splash of colour with specially designed wardrobes, exuberant aqua blue curtains, and colourful storage shelves. On one of the walls, we even attached a back-painted glass, which acted as a whiteboard to draw and write. Meanwhile, the master bedroom had an air of maturity and royalty, with our selection of plush materials and rich colours.

Here`s a look at the challenges we faced while designing this and the solutions we came up with for it.


  • What we got to work with was an unfurnished 3-BHK residential apartment. The abundance of light and ventilation impressed us, so we had to plan the design in a manner that this aura was maintained even after all the furnishing was done.
  • Another challenge was to maintain the beautiful view of the lush green plot from the balcony, which was visible right from the entrance. The placement of furniture was to be done in a way that none of this sight was blocked and the sunset would fill the entire space with its magical light every day
  • A big challenge was to add a Pooja Room without disrupting the openness and flow of the existing space


  • We placed the dining area right at the core centre, which ensured a stunning view of the lush greenery outside alongside the dramatic green wall of the balcony. Adding to its beauty were the PU finished cabinet with its varied Vase artefacts and a stone wall on the opposite serving counter.
  • The panorama from the entry was the luxurious setup of the living room along with dining, extended to the green wall of the balcony. This not only gave a pleasing view but also maintained the light and breezy atmosphere within the apartment.
  • The furnishing of the space was done in a manner that respected the free flow movement from one space to another without hindering the sequence between the public and private spaces.
  • For the bedrooms, the children`s room was awash with playful colours, bubbly blue curtains, multicoloured storage shelves, and a back-painted glass whiteboard. And for the master bedroom, we gave it a sense of royalty and maturity with colours and materials which showcased richness. A full-height velvet headboard added to the elegance.
  • The one addition we made to the entire space was the Pooja Room which we created and placed strategically between the living and dining areas, in a way that didn`t hinder the movement, flow, or view. Rather the glass partition was planted as an element of design.
Prernatirth derasar road, Ahmedabad
Mr. Birju Thakkar
Project Year
Unit Type
Carpet Area
1300 sq.ft.
Super built up area
2332 sq.ft
Zodiac Developers

Straight from the Client

The designs are very creative and new. Work was done within the timeline and with responsibility. We like all the design ideas, materials selections, and color combinations.
Mr. Birju Thakkar, Owner of the apartment, Director at Options finance