Soham Terraces Apartment

Soham terraces is a perfect example of a sanctuary, right in the heart of the bustling city of Ahmedabad. Amidst the foliage of trees, the view from the lounge and the living room is picturesque alongside an enticing atmosphere. The main attraction of the apartment is the terrace, where the clients relax and unwind after a long day or host friends & family gatherings over weekends.

Our aim was to create a tranquil space within the house, which was achieved by transforming the terrace into a focal point from the living room and the lounge by magnifying the beauty of it. A large aluminum framed glazing at the lounge provided essential ventilation through the summer months while also giving a view to the various elements added in the terrace.

With the addition of assorted lighting, a panorama of green wall, and the terrace with its lush greenery, the lounge area was developed to be absolutely enchanting. This atmosphere boosted the clients’ blithe during their morning teas, and their evening sunsets with their grandchildren.

Apart from the terrace, the kitchen was also remodeled. The limited kitchen space needed to display spaciousness and tidiness in order to make the cooking experience more enjoyable. This goal was achieved by reworking on the special arrangement of the kitchen and the change of materials and finishes.


  • We were asked to remodel the Kitchen and the Terrace spaces in the apartment. We had to work on a design that created a sense of flow and blended well with the space`s existing surroundings
  • The client was unsure about an intermediate dead space between the terrace and the living room. We were to come up with an idea to turn it into an attractive, usable space.
  • The kitchen was a very small and uncomfortable space which cannot be changed. It was to be redesigned in a manner that reduced all the clutter and made it look more spacious to make the kitchen experience enjoyable.


  • We aimed at creating a serene and peaceful space within the house. We did that by transforming the terrace into a focal point from the living room. We converted the intermediate dead space that lay between the living room and terrace into a lounge, which now magnified the beauty of the terrace.
  • We added large aluminum-framed glazing at the lounge to ensure enough ventilation for summer months while giving a beautiful view of the various elements added to the terrace.
  • The lounge space turned out to be absolutely enchanting, thanks to the addition of assorted lighting, a green wall panorama, and lush greens on the terrace. It became the clients` happy space, where they`d enjoy their morning tea and evening sunsets with their grandchildren.
  • The kitchen, with its limited space, was remodeled by reworking its arrangement, selecting lighter shades along with appropriate materials to turn it into a cozy space. This made it look tidy and spacious, to ensure that the cooking experience here would be enjoyable.
Soham terraces apartment, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad
Mr. Sanjeev Bordia
Area worked upon
500 sq.ft. Terrace, 110 sq.ft. Lounge area, 90 sq.ft. Kitchen
Unit Type
4 BHK Apartment
Project year
Dhrumil Desai, Prerak Desai

Straight from the Client

As I sit in my lounge having a cup of coffee with Navita, I am thinking of how much better the new lounge looks. The two of us are really obliged to Ekta, that she has made such a positive difference in the appearance of our home, inside and outside. Our terrace looks so beautiful and lively. She also helped us design and create our own personal dream kitchen! Many thanks to Ekta for such a beautiful and professional touch. She sure does make a big difference. Thanks once again EVK Architects.
Mr. Sanjeev Bordia, Resident, Soham Terraces