Paras 2 Residence

The statement style master bedroom uses a signature concept of going with a small material palette, with breathtakingly luxurious design and detailing. The choice of turquoise and wood colour palette has been selected for this young couple to bring in exuberance and sophistication at the same time.

Along with a vast and spacious outlook, it also gestures a cozy grandeur experience.
Instead of going with the conventional bed style, we decided to directly place the bed over a raised platform. This made the room look spacious and richer. Ceiling to floor fabric headboard adorned the wall which added to the luxury which the bedroom was already exhibiting.

The low height display unit at the entrance appeared to emerge out of the bed platform. It functioned as a layer to give the bed, visual privacy. It also disguised as a TV unit behind. The clients loved the idea of a low height bed with their TV unit right at their eye level while viewing their favourite series laying back leisurely in bed.

The window seating and the sofa seating over the wooden flooring formed a separate area, that gave an additional coziness and playfulness to the room. Turquoise is a colour that states a sense of sophisticated energy and emotional balance of friendship love & Joy. The whole frame with the bright turquoise painted study wall, the turquoise grey fabrics on the sofa set and window seating justifies it well.


  • The existing room was richly designed many decades before, but the spatial arrangement of the room did not justify the big area that it comprised of, to welcome the newly wed couple. Hence, the clients wanted to redesign the room in contemporary style with a redesigned internal layout.
  • The young couple had fresh thought processes of how they perceived their room to be. But we had to blend in fresh designs with the already existing interior within the bungalow, so it does not seem like totally different spaces. It had to blend gradually from the existing to new.


  • The original room consisted of rich Indian marble flooring and solid teak wood doors and windows. These we decided to retain as they served as a continuity to the existing interior, also they served as a source to the richness of the room.
  • The room was redesigned to completely change the aura. This also gave room for additional space for casual seating and get-togethers.
  • The fabrics and colour palette bonded seamlessly with the existing flooring and wood while elevating the mood into an energizing space. The glass partition separating the bed and the sofa seating was designed with the same glass pattern as in the existing window, but with a contemporary touch of a hollow wooden box.
Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad
Mr. Sneah Shah, Mr. Raju Shah
Area worked upon
450 sq.ft. carpet area
Unit Type
Project year
Purvi Patel

Straight from the Client

Ekta is very creative in her work and having the best combinations of the colour for an interior part, makes your interior look very decent and modern.
Mr. Sneah Shah, Resident at Paras 2